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Photo Friday
Scenes from the 1949 Red Flannel Festival in Cedar Springs, Mich.Photo Friday for Feburary 28, 2014
So it’s back into the deep freeze this week, and there’s no better way to deal with it than some head-to-toe red flannel pajamas. That was the argument, anyway, of Nina Babcock and Grace Hamilton of Cedar Springs, Michigan back in the bitter winter of 1936. Early in the season, a writer from the New York Sun had written a piece lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find any of the tried-and-true (but thoroughly unstylish) red flannel pajamas in any New York stores. Nina and Grace fired back a sassy retort saying that Cedar Springs had plenty to go around, and the piece was picked up by the Associated Press and reprinted all across the country. Soon after, orders began pouring into Cedar Springs stores, and after several years of outfitting the country with red “drop-seater” PJs, the little Michigan village declared itself the “The Red Flannel Town” in 1939. To celebrate, Cedar Springs held a Red Flannel Festival that year, a tradition which continues to this day. Pictured here in today’s Photo Friday shot: Two gals hell-bent on making the 1949 festival. (Photo via LIFE)

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